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The Little List That Keeps Growing

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My Little List 

So what does it for you? What makes you feel good when things are not going your way? Try creating a little list of things of things you like and are grateful for. This way when you are bummed out, bored, or  S_ _ _  Hits The Fan , you can refer back for some instant gratification.

It’s Human Nature 

At times we want to be held and hugged. And, other times we don’t even want to be spoken too. Stay focused on you in the present moment, and only when you are ready, you will then begin to center yourself.

Calmly figure out in your mind why you are so stressed out, by who or what makes you feel this way. Take time to reflect, on the positive things going on in your life after processing the negative. 

As you get older your patience for certain things start to change. You realize you want to just be happy. The crap you used to let fester is no longer allowed, the nonsense behavior we accepted is no longer allowed and the passing through the hallways like longtime roommates must end.

Soothing your soul This might be more simple than you think. A few things that come to mind might just work for you: try putting on the game, listening to music, taking a run outside or reminiscing about a trip you went on or writing. Think of all the amazing life experiences you had – whether it’s reminiscing about becoming a parent, husband , wife or even amazing memories from your childhood.

Relationships matter Be grateful to the people you love and kind to strangers that may cross your path. You might just realize one day that stranger you meet could become your best friend for life.

I am grateful when someone say’s thank you to me, bc they are sharing how much it means to them –Teaching people the value of praising and thanking others, will continue to build on that  personal relationship.

I am grateful because I have learned how to take a personal break

I am grateful for my health and education…

I am grateful for making new friends…

I am grateful to be able to laugh

I am grateful for my LIFE

I am grateful for my mentors here and above – I wouldn’t be half the woman without you leading by example

I am grateful for my two children (even though they know just how to push my buttons) –But really, I especially like when I learn from their innocence 

I am grateful for my family who means the world to me –No matter where they came from, where they are now, what they believe in, or what they might have done

I am grateful that I can read

I am grateful I am a good listener

I am grateful for change

I am grateful I am able

I am grateful I am a giver

I am grateful for my children’s nanny’s  -Without you all I’d lose my mind!

I am grateful for my ability to love, forgive, and respect

I am beyond grateful for my girlfriends – You are my soul sisters & I love you

As I reflect on my own personal life experiences, I’d like to give mention to DASHA®, For almost 10 years I’ve been fortunate to stand as the savvy little powerhouse behind you! I’ve watched this brand develop and conquer so many obstacles. I hate to say it, but here I go, I AM BLESSED!  -XO SHA


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