Listen Up, HR

Listen Up, HR

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Once Memorial Day hits, you and I both know that in the corporate world, the weekends start early. So how do you get your team to be as productive as possible in a shorter amount of time during the week? 

Start by providing a healthy working environment. All week long your team is engaged in meetings and conferences and food can be a struggle. It’s easy to grab whatever is presented throughout the day, whether it’s a cookie, bag of chips or doughnuts. Sugary and carb-filled food options can leave your employees feeling bloated, agitated or sluggish. If you want to keep the energy high, offer your team healthier food and lifestyle options during breaks and meetings. Try offering nutrient-rich items like almonds, fruit and tea. It’s also a great idea to enforce a stretching and break rule or give your team a great incentive to join a corporate endurance event.  

Because this is easier said than done, DASHA® would be honored to bring our health, wellness and fitness services to your corporation.  

We offer an array of services, from chiropractic, physical therapy, personal training, acupuncture and massage services to custom treatments and I am here to advise you along the way. 

The DASHA®’s “independent client providers” recognize that each person they help is different, so treatment plans are custom designed to fit each person’s body type, age, medical history, and lifestyle. We make it our mission to guide our patients on the path to a better, healthier lifestyle. Giving patients multiple resources to adopt life-long habits that promote total well-being is an important piece of what sets DASHA® apart from other wellness centers. 

About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.