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The goal of our Dance Therapy sessions is to integrate the emotional and physical balance that can be found through movement. Dance Therapy, which is a form of expressive therapy, is based in the notion that movement and dance strengthen the connection between the mind and body, promoting both physical and mental healing and well-being.



DASHA®’s Dance Therapists work with individuals of all ages, groups, and even families and focuses on helping clients improve self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills, expand movement ability, gain insight into patterns of behavior, and enhance coping and stress management capabilities.


● Stress
● Chronic Medical Conditions
● Cardiovascular Disease
● Hypertension
● Chronic Pain

BENEFITS of Dance Therapy

Dance involves direct expression through the body and is an intimate and powerful medium for therapy. According to the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Association (NCCATA), Dance Therapy can effect changes in feelings, cognition, physical functioning, and behavior. Furthermore, Dance Therapy can also be used as a means of disease prevention and to promote healing.

Enhance your well-being with the soothing benefits of Dance Therapy.
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