Marathon Training Day 34

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Marathon Training Day 34

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Date: February 10th, 2018

Mental Status: #connected #real

Training Download Intense HIIT class/ squats,surrenders/ 2.5 miles

Today’s she-nan-igans Leave Me Alone! “I love, love, love my kids but sometimes “Grown ups need a timeout too!”

It all started this am when my daughter decided she was going to ignore me this morning and march to her own beat! We were supposed to be out of the house by ten after nine, so I can get her to the Neighborhood Playhouse where she studies acting under the Meisner Technique, But, at 9:20am she decided she (still wasn’t ready) and now their was just “No Way” I was missing my saturday morning fitness class, that I look forward too.

Even as a mom who works full time, I still selfishly take a few hours to myself on the weekends. My saturdays are usually reserved for @coachlee “Lena Martins” 9:30 HIIT class and it’s ON! This chic is hard to the core! Ok that was a bit South Shore, Long Island but every once in a while it’s ok to let it out (lol)!  In any event, I made it into my class, sprinted on the treadmill for 28 minutes and then she had me jumping, hopping, and squating pretty much the rest of the time. I think we really connected today (lol). But seriously she knows all about proper form, has a great personality and I don’t mind either that she swears with the 4 letter word F*** Now she’s got my attention! Thank you for a great class today and for keeping it REAL!

Now that I checked that off my list, I decided to do what I do best and that is to decompress a bit with an hour long massage and a very unique stretch from some the man in the salon. I literally almost jumped off the bed when he touched a trigger point right on my butt cheeks! This is the upper butt pain that I most likely am feeling because I either didn’t stretch enough or its time for me to strengthen my abductors. I’m sure that the “queen of the Butt” can chime in some more on this topic.

Sometimes We Just Need To Surrender To The Freedom!

Question: How do you calm your soul?

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