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Neck Pain Explained

Neck pain encompasses so many different kinds of problems that when neck pain patients come to consult with DASHA® “independent client providers”, they first try to determine which structures in the neck are causing the pain. Neck problems may involve [...]

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How to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

A generation ago, it was common to hear people talk about weight loss as a matter of counting calories. Just pick up a handy little calorie counter guide from your local bookstore, and eat whatever you want - as long [...]

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7 Principles to Achieve a Healthy Workplace

Gone are the days of treating employees like cogs in the wheel; today's leading corporations know that creating a healthy and balanced environment for employees is the most direct way to attain increases in productivity and encourage employee loyalty. The [...]

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10 Tips to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

The line between work and home is not as clear as it used to be... in fact, it's practically invisible these days. More often than not, our work lives and personal lives blend into one, leaving it almost impossible for [...]

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