Metabolic Testing – Get the Facts

/Metabolic Testing – Get the Facts

Metabolic Testing – Get the Facts

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You’ve heard people refer to their “fast” or “slow” metabolism. Generally people assume how their metabolism works. For people who are interested in losing weight, guessing probably won’t lead to successful results. Luckily, metabolic testing can provide you with accurate information to help you achieve your goals.

A metabolic test measures the oxygen you consume and the carbon dioxide you produce while you are resting, and during exercise. Measuring your body at rest determines your metabolic rate for basic life functions. In other words, RMR Testing measures a person’s rate of metabolism and calculates individual daily caloric needs. It can be used to determine precisely how many calories you may eat each day and still lose weight. Everyone’s RMR is different, which is why it is helpful to have the test done. You’ll know exactly how many calories you can intake per day, and eat accordingly.

Measuring your body during exercise determines target heart rate zones and is used to create a personalized exercise regimen for optimum training and results. Peak VO2 is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by the body during exercise. Considered by exercise physiologists to be the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness, Peak VO2 testing is intended for athletes or those who train like athletes.

Metabolic testing can clue you in on how your body uses the fuel (food) you consume. Your body uses fats, carbohydrates and proteins in different ways, and the tests can determine it uses these groups for energy. Metabolic testing can also determine how efficiently the hormones regulate your body functions. Your hormonal balances have a huge impact on fat loss.

Understanding your metabolism can save you a lot frustration when it comes to weight loss. While the test itself won’t do the work for you, it can serve as a helpful guide. Metabolic testing can help prevent diabetes, hypertension, and hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid). The test is an optimal tool for indicating potential medical issues.

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