You Just Never Know

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You Just Never Know

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I swear, I couldn’t make this sh!t up if I tried!

The world’s most exclusive men’s clubs are filled with members who think they’re above the law. Mafia men believe only they know the value of silence, but…don’t kid yourself! So do their women.

A few weeks back, I was having lunch with an oldie-but-a-goodie, a friend I know from growing up. She was telling me a story about a coworker of hers who never knew her husband of 17 years was connected to the Mob! I mean, really, I thought I was just going for a light bite and a few laughs.

Look, you either play fair or you don’t play at all.

As any woman knows, when you devote your life to a powerful man, you divulge personal secrets to one another. Imagine being the wife or daughter of a mobster, who now has to break her silence so she’s not convicted on conspiracy charges in connection with notorious racketeers? The end result—the putz has to do his time. And his soon-to-be-ex is about to take the trip of a lifetime!

It’s amazing to think that you know someone in and out. Can you imagine if you fell for someone, were swept off your feet, got married, and made babies—of course, enjoying wild experiences and the perfect family life—only to find out that Mr. Wonderful was not Mr. Right after all? Sure, I bet you’ve had shaky relationships in the past, with some commitment-phobes in the lineup, but nothing’s worse than being played! It’s infuriating. It’s rough. It’s disrespectful.

Would you keep your silence?

This sh!t doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It must have been there the whole time! My friend’s coworker just chose to ignore certain behaviors and ask fewer questions than most, all because she had a comfortable life. “The signs were there,” she said. Crazy things happening all the time, random gifts and trips, and a very dark side to him. But she loved the mystery, and she loved what she thought was love.

I say this to my kids all the time, and I mean it. The biggest pet peeve of mine is not making eye contact! I mean, it’s as important to look at a person’s actions as it is to listen to his/her words. Give them the benefit of the doubt at first, but be sure to keep an eye out. Remember, if you’re not honest and transparent in the beginning of the relationship, it sets the precedent for how things will continue.

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