I’ve Been Seeing A Keto Dealer

///I’ve Been Seeing A Keto Dealer

I’ve Been Seeing A Keto Dealer

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As an athlete, I am constantly experimenting with new eating routines. I want to make sure I am performing at my optimum capacity. One of the biggest factors of my performance is what I am putting into my body on a daily basis. I pay close attention to my diet, in conjunction with my exercise routine, to make sure I am not weighed down by the foods I eat. This is especially critical for me when I am training for upcoming marathons. Speed and endurance are key here! I don’t particularly need to diet to lose weight, because I like my physique.

What I don’t love (and I’m sure many others feel the same way) is the amount of sugar I take in. As a kid, I was on the “ice cream man” hook pretty early on, which has translated into Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream and/or Pistachio Gelato cravings! And of course, I fell like most into the mommyhood trap of trying everything I  was feeding my kids. I understand NOW about what stored sugar does to your body, and how your body reacts. So I did a bit of research online to test out a method to make me faster, stronger, and better prepared in the kitchen.

I’ve been following a Ketogenic Diet over the past couple of weeks. I wanted to share my process as an athlete and fitness enthusiast for those looking for a raw and honest opinion on this type of diet. I LOVE saving my clients and friends time by personally figuring out which diets work, and which do not work!!! I try to give good advice because, well, I’ve experimented with the diets first hand! Although I am not a doctor or dietician, I want my clients to hear about my experience. However, make certain you get clearance first from your health care provider.

*Consult your doctor before beginning any new diet and/or exercise routine to make sure it is right fit for you.

Let’s jump right in!

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

  • 20-50g carbs a day, depending on factors such as height, weight, and total body fat

The Science Behind It

  • Typically, the body breaks down carbohydrates to create glucose, or our body’s main energy source.
  • When carbs are depleted and unavailable to be broken down (such as in a very low carb diet here), the body turns to fat instead of carbs to create energy.
  • When fat is broken down, KETONES are created, in place of glucose, and become a secondary energy source.
  • When the body produces KETONES, fat is burned from the body, and the body enters a metabolic state of “KETOSIS”
  • Healthily entering the state of KETOSIS is where you will burn max fat

Foods I Am Eating

  • Seafood (Note: Lots of fish, which I never usually eat. Dover Sole is my #1 though)
  • Lean meat
  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Nuts + Seeds (Almonds are my #1)
  • Keto Powder (AKA My “Fun-Dip”)

The hardest part about a ketogenic diet is remaining in a state of KETOSIS

Let’s say you intake more carbs than your daily allowance (aka on summer vacation!), but do not want to lose progress- the powder will put you back into a pseudo-ketosis. For example… I threw off my KETONES when I ate delicious mint gelato (my fave) on a waffle cone on my vacation in Greece. But I knew I wasn’t going to crush what I’ve been working hard on for the previous 11 days! So, I got out my Ketos powder (from my “ketos dealer”) and whipped up a shake to get the Ketos going!

Beware of what is called the KETO FLU!

If you are feeling sick the first few days (for me it was day 4) you might experience “keto flu” symptoms. Your body is just clearing out stored sugar from your liver and kidneys. Don’t worry so much about urinating a lot (one side effect), just start restoring your electrolytes! Keto powder will also help get you through this rough patch.

Prüvit KETO//OS® Powder, $8-10 packet

Prüvit KETO//OS® Powder, $8-10 packet

My Recommendations  

*Please consult with your primary doctor prior to any diet plan

  • SHORT TERM: The diet is great for short term benefits. It helped me look great for my summer Greece trip where I knew I was going to be in a bikini. It also taught me I don’t need to be so dependent on candy to get me through the long computer days!
  • Ease back into eating carbs after the diet is over. You’ll gain everything back if you don’t
  • The Ketos powder really helps most people make the transition to a ketogenic diet. You need to cut sugar out of your diet 100% (sugars are carbs). This can be extremely difficult for most, but the powder helps aid the transitional period.
  • AMAZON is my (new) BFF! If you know what you want then you should know how to get it! I needed all of the tools necessary to help me get over the hump of #nosugar #nocarbs!

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake

One shake I recommend in addition to the above:Ketologie Chocolate Keto Protein Shake, $49.95  

About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.