How to Stick to a Diet on Vacation

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How to Stick to a Diet on Vacation

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Leave it to me to start a diet right before a big vacation. I’m about to embark on week two of the keto diet just as I jet off to Greece for a trip with my hubby.

Sticking to the diet and my six-day-a-week workout schedule will be a challenge. When you go on vacation, it’s so easy to get into a cycle that looks like this: Eat, sleep, party and repeat. But if you completely throw your typical routine out the window while traveling, your body will be all out of whack.

Since I love a challenge, I’m going to do my best to get those workouts in and eat right. If you’re in a similar boat this summer, here’s my advice to you:

  • Split up the party nights so you can wake up early and go for a hike, morning run or explore the area on foot, grab a smoothie and THEN plop your booty on the beach chair.
  • When you’re at the beach or the pool, eat a light salad or sashimi instead something heavy or fried—who can eat a rich meal in the heat anyway? And don’t forget to drink plenty of H20.
  • Plan out your meals and fitness regimen ahead of time because the impulsive days are always the biggest killer with the most regret. You can even pack healthy snacks—like protein balls—in your suitcase so you won’t be tempted to graze on processed options.

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