Healing Effects of Massage Therapy

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Healing Effects of Massage Therapy

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Act of massage includes rubbing, kneading muscles and joints to help relieve tension or pain. Our muscles may become more flexible, as our joint movements increase. Massages help to stretch the muscles out, and improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the bones. Since most people carry stress in their shoulders and neck, targeting these areas for massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s important to take care of our bodies, not only with what we are eating and drinking, but also our physicality.

At DASHA, we have a variety of massage types, perfect for all the clients’ needs.

A Swedish-style spa massage composed of therapeutic techniques and tranquil touch. Long, rhythmic strokes increase circulation, release toxins, and relax muscle tissue.

Targeting connective tissue with firm, direct strokes, this therapeutic massage relieves chronic tension, stress and fatigue.

DASHA®’s specialty Prenatal Massage eases aches and pains, improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and calms the mind. note prenatal massage requires physician clearance

A massage that uses postnatal release techniques to ease the aches and pains associated with childbirth. Helps maintain the muscular integrity of the core, hip complex, and the diaphragm and realigns scar tissue from C-section births for a more pliable scar. note prenatal massage requires physician clearance


Utilizing Myofascial Release Technique to target the head, scalp, neck, and chest, this massage reduces the frequency and pain of headaches and migraines.

Our specialty Myofascial Release massage releases tension and alleviates pain associated with lockjaw, grinding teeth, and difficulty with biting or chewing.

Reward yourself during a stressful work week with this short but satisfying massage that focuses on the neck, back, and shoulders to relieve tension and release blocked energy.

This enhanced signature massage uses hot basalt stones and oils to offer deep muscular relief.

This treatment focuses on massaging the feet to promote integration of body and mind. It relieves stress, alleviates tension, and improves circulation.

This massage loosens muscles and allows athletes peak performance potential in a variety of sports, including running, soccer, football, and baseball.
DASHA® Enterprises, LLC works with independent practices and servicing providers that offer an integrated holistic solution to reach your total body well-being. The “independent client providers” share our philosophy of total body health and work with us to bring you an all-inclusive experience.
DASHA® is a luxury lifestyle brand and New York City-based wellness center created to offer a truly holistic approach to wellness. To learn more, visit www.dashawellness.com.

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