Happy Office, Happy Life

Happy Office, Happy Life

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You know what they say “a happy office, means a happy life.” Well, okay maybe they don’t say that too often, but we sure do here at DASHA®. We understand that sometimes the office environment, your never ending to do list, that big presentation coming up at the end of the week and your piled up daily stresses tend to cause you to become overwhelmed (you might even be stressed reading all of that). But take a second, breath in and out, and actually keep on reading because your answer on how to enhance your wellbeing lies within DASHA®.

So, you might now be thinking “how am I going to find time to stop by one of DASHA®’s locations?”. Well, you actually don’t even have to leave your office. It’s time to put aside the typical office party or retreat and welcome DASHA®’s Corporate Wellness Services and Workshops into the office.

We also understand that every employee has different needs and wants. That is why our workshops are structured and will provide everyone in the office with a different interactive session filled with specific information on how they can enhance their wellbeing. Talk about a good day at work! Oh, and we also take away the pre-planning stress and come fully stocked. We provide all necessary mats, equipment, and stretch bands. Sign-up sheets and handouts will also be provided by request for each workshop. So, to find out about some of the different types of workshops DASHA® Corporate Services offers keep on reading.

Nutritional Workshop – Tired of the same old boring salad during lunchtime? DASHA® will show you how to develop healthy eating habits, prep nutrition filled meals and snacks, and most importantly you won’t be leaving behind any flavor.

D-Stress at Your Desk – Yup, that is right. A DASHA® “independent client provider” will teach you how to let go of that built up stress at your desk! It’s probably the last place you ever thought you could destress, but think again. The provider will display acupressure points which can help with stress, headaches, anxiety and other ailments.

Balance Work with Healthy Lifestyle – The benefits of working out are truly endless. Personal Trainers will discuss all ways that exercise can help you leave behind the stress at the office and offset the sometimes-sedentary workday. They will also incorporate heart-healthy exercises efficiently into the busy workplace.

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Shannon Russo-Pollack may be recognized as the Founder of DASHA®, however this determined boss-lady uses her lifestyle habits and entrepreneur skillset to positively reinvent ones purpose while helping to inspire those around her. For nearly a decade, SHA, the powerhouse behind the DASHA® brand, DRENCHED™️, FitSHA has worked with dozens of medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who share the philosophy of total body health to bring an all-inclusive experience to the wellness and healthcare community.