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The most difficult part about Cinco de Mayo for me is saying “no” to all of those yummy snacks and drinks that aren’t the best for you. I love guacamole, tortilla chips, everything SPICY and of course, the booze.

Holidays are supposed to be indulgent, but that doesn’t mean you have to be straight-up reckless. I’m by no means a cook, so for me, it’s really important to find products that are fresh. I love the New York-based, small batch salsa company @jalapajar. For my Cinco de Mayo this year, I enjoyed the Brooklyn blend which is a pretty spicy medium salsa (they definitely kick it up with those jalapeños) with my fave, Que Pasa’s yellow corn tortilla chips.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sha…but the margs are where I kill all of my daily Weight Watchers points!” Fear not! I love to mix it up with a low-cal, no sugar-added spicy margarita.

My go-to tequila is @milagrotequila. If you’re watching your figure or counting calories, you want to pick a blanco or silver tequila because they contain the purest type of 100% agave. Aged tequilas like reposados or añejos are often aged in barrels used for other types of liquors and include different types of sugars.

I shake up a 1.5 oz pour of Milagro Silver with lime juice, muddled jalapeños and some ice and strain it into my glass. The flavors mask the taste of tequila without spiking your blood sugar. I then top it off with a splash of @qdrinksclub soda and I’m good to go! And if you’re a salty girl like myself, add some pink Himalayan sea salt with chili powder for the rim. It gives your drink an extra kick!

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!



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