From Stilettos to Nikes

From Stilettos to Nikes

I Never New What Life Could Be Like In Sneakers! 

I mean when you wakeup everyday and get dressed all you want to do is look your absolute best! So what do you do? You need to wear the best. You need a brand that expresses YOU! For me it’s a brand with style, luxury and comfort.

Change is Good!

Stilettos are one of the sexiest styles in the industry, holding the respect it deserves and while I have admired these luxurious shoes for so many years I finally have taken an a bit more interest to my Nike’s. As a New Yorker, Mom & Entrepreneur, I’m making a clear statement with my image change by doing the daily switch between a gorgeous pair of stiletto high heels and fashionable pair of Nikes!

LOL, and all it took was for me to make a healthy lifestyle change, refocus and dedicate some extra time for myself everyday. This is a great thing because when I walk back into my apt at the end of my day it’s “Back to mom duties all over again!” It’s kind of ridiculous to me that all I needed to do, was switch my foot-ware? Just a slight change of behavior and your whole mindset reroutes itself. Not to mention it’s quite a relief not to be in 4″ heels all day long. Now, I can either start or finish my day off with my feet grounded as well as my mind! Remember, it’s all about you feeling comfortable and being in control!

The good news is that the following morning I am effortlessly feeling chic again in high heels and sunglasses or my workout clothes and sneakers. I go in and get the job done! Whether I’m running the show, or sitting in the audience I still feel confident! If you spent your childhood in a pair of (Nike Air Jordan’s or Converse high tops with a pair of soft Levi jeans and a white tee) you already know the deal, that the right sneakers can sure make a statement. So don’t be shy,  just take a peek at the runways and you will get the idea!

If you really want the ladies gossiping at the gym, you should start thinking outside the box, and switch from your kicks straight into your power shoes! I’m pretty sure heads will start to turn!


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