The Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry

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  • Fiber is a mixed Definition of Wellness! 

The Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry

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Fiber Is A Mixed Definition Of Wellness 

This almost trillion dollar industry is constantly growing and guess who is behind so many of these amazing companies? 

Yes, it’s woman! Woman invest billions of dollars into their nutrition, alternative medicines, exercising and over the counter drugs (OTC) to Enhance their well-being. Woman have dominated the wellness industry with lifestyle services such as beauty, anti-aging products, fitness, health foods, nutrition, weight loss, health club, sensuality, alternative medicines,tourism, spas, boot camps, and workplace wellness.

Through technology and science we have gained a deeper insight into the everyday lives of people. This is done simply by monitoring changes across all aspects of consumers lives, and watching the trends which they communicate with and follow. It should come as no SURPRISE that women take such an interest in the wellness industry, after-all, they are the ones that carry the babies and also wear many of the CEO hats!

Whether you are the CEO in your home or running a business, you must find a way to take in some  “Me Time,” D-Stress, and Live your life to the fullest! We understand that health is entering into ALL aspects of both consumer and personal life experiences.

Take notice around you and recognize all the amazing areas of wellness you can indulge and Enhance your well-being®

  • Wellness is multi-dimensional and affects the mind, body, and soul
  • Wellness changes over time
  • Wellness is per individual, but is also influenced by ones environment and community
  • Wellness is a status symbol

With this huge growth in the wellness industry, Lifestyle Brands such as DASHA®, are constantly looking for ways to smarten up and expand on services. We acknowledge this trend and understand that people are gravitating towards products and services that help them to be more productive and efficient.

I am in the lifestyle business where looking good and feeling healthy is #1

About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.