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The DASHA® Brand Encompasses integrated health, wellness and lifestyle services that will Enhance your well-being®from the inside outDASHA® takes a holistic approach to wellness by educating our clients on how to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. DASHA® has become a second home to thousands of busy professionals, moms, dads and people who are looking to create balance in their lives, by nurturing their mind, body & soul.

Founded in 2009, Shannon Russo-Pollack  set out to develop a Premier Wellness Sanctuary in New York City. Earning a reputation as an Authentic Lifestyle Expert in the Health and Wellness industry, this determined boss-lady uses her lifestyle habits and entrepreneur skill set to positively reinvent ones purpose while helping to inspire those around her.

Now for nearly a decade, the powerhouse behind the DASHA® brand has worked creatively with dozens of medical, fitness and other professionals in the health and wellness community who share the philosophy of total body health bringing clients an all-inclusive experience. In addition to building the DASHA® brand from the ground up, and making her name known inside hundreds of New York corporations, strategically consults “best practice” for other entrepreneurs from healthy food companies to fitness and medical facilities.  She is actively involved in many community related topics that involve mental health and well-being, nonprofit organizations and endurance events.

DASHA® clients and patients have access to a comprehensive menu of services including Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Pilates, Fitness, Yoga, Weight Loss and Stress Relief Programs provided by the talented team of “independent client providers” and licensed medical, fitness and lifestyle providers. DASHA® serves health and wellness services to some of New York’s most passionate and prominent professionals.

SHA strategically looks to match the DASHA® brand wellness experts “independent client providers” who share the same philosophy of total body health and bridge the connection between mind and body for optimal well-being. DASHA® has built an impressive portfolio of hundreds of Corporate Wellness clients ranging from Citigroup to Bloomberg, Tiffany, and Estee Lauder.

DASHA® delivers customized health and wellness solutions to the office that result in employees feeling healthier, more refreshed and ready for anything.