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Live Every Moment, Love Everyday

Have you ever looked back and said, “I wish I just went for it!” or thought “How in world can I possibly start the next chapter in my life?”

Have you ever put down a book in the middle because you were just not feeling it? But then, a few weeks later you picked it up again because you felt so incomplete.

If what your reading really does SUCK then why continue? There comes a time when you will turn that page, finish that book and realize it is the absolute best feeling in the world! 

Embrace Uncertainty

My best friend Blake, always says “Go to what makes you scared!” I find myself sharing that quote quite often with people that I care for, admire and loveYou can’t possibly start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one”. 

Imagine that you’re actually reading your life.

Chapter 4.

This happens, that happens, this occurs, that shows up…you deal with all sorts of S_ _ _! Then time goes on and you find yourself on…

Chapter 6. 

A new career is starting? So you get yourself all dolled up and ready to go into work for Day 1 of your new position. 

Now, if you’re a City Chick, chances are you are not driving yourself to work; Most likely you are hopping into an Uber or Via. But lets say you were in the burbs and you’re driving. Would you take the same route that leads you to your previous job? Would you make the same stops along the way to have the same coffee or see the same familiar faces?

When you start a new chapter you might bring on new circumstances, enter into a new environment, meet new people, and be presented with new opportunities! 

Whether that fresh chapter is a relationship, career, financial situation, or relocation it is a NEW chapter, and should be minded to with a NEW outlook. 

Life has so much to offer. Don’t let it slip you by again! You don’t have to prove it to anyone!

Remember sometimes the smallest step you take might just lead you to the BIGGEST step of your life!