Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that seems to make everyone a bit anxious - and for good reason.   Maybe you're finally ready to confess to that special someone about the crush you’ve had on them. What may have started [...]

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Marathon Training Day 15

Date:January 22, 2018 Mental Status:#believethehype Training Download: Intervals - 4 miles/ Warmup: 1 mile nice & relaxed/ Intervals: 1 x 1 Mile/ Intervals: 3 x 3 minutes/ Warmdown: 1 mile nice & relaxed Today's Sha-nan-igans You've probably heard the phrase, "Believe The Hype" when discussing endorphins, [...]

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Powerful Intuition

Everything was doing just fine before we met. Now I've fallen to be that person waiting on the sidelines? Just in case you need me. "What the hell are we actually waiting for?" The door seems to be closed tight, no one is knocking and yet your [...]

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That 4 Letter Word!

Could this be love? So you meet this guy and you think it's ♥ at first site! You get all jittery, your emotions are going Bazerk, and your floating on air!  You swear you never had this feeling before. You finally get the [...]

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You Just Never Know

I swear, I couldn't make this sh!t up if I tried! The world’s most exclusive men’s clubs are filled with members who think they're above the law. Mafia men believe only they know the value of silence, but…don't kid yourself! So do their women. A few [...]

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