Moms Role

Your Going to feel CrAzY. It's ok to BE CrAzY . You won't always Feel CrAzY. At some point during motherhood you will feel all of these things. And then when all the CraZiness subsides, you will realize you are actually the"Queen." The kind of queen [...]

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You Just Never Know

I swear, I couldn't make this sh!t up if I tried! The world’s most exclusive men’s clubs are filled with members who think they're above the law. Mafia men believe only they know the value of silence, but…don't kid yourself! So do their women. A few [...]

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How to Recognize Co-Dependent Behavior

Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. Maybe you recognize this behavior in yourself or you’re in a relationship with someone who's co-dependent.  Is someone filling your plate with their problems? Expecting you to fix them or relying [...]

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LIFE may throw you some curveballs! But the way I see it, we have a two choices we can make 1. Go for It 2. Take a seat For G-d Sakes It's all about taking control of your own life! [...]

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Family Fun Day

It’s 2017, and more than ever, our kids are glued to their devices. Whether that’s their iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or TV, it can be hard to get their attention when they’re preoccupied by the lasted game or movie. These devices [...]

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Indoor Family Fun on Hot Summer Days

When the heat advisory won’t back down and the kids are still out of school, you’ve got to keep them entertained! Or at least from tearing your house apart or staring at their screens and abusing their thumbs by texting [...]

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