Make 2016 the Year You Get More from Your Team

If you’re reading the news, you’ve seen that Zappos, the world’s gift to fast shoe delivery with great customer service, is seeing long-time employees fly out the door en masse as the company institutes a a radical self-management system called [...]

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Rewarding Your Team at the End of the Year

Next week is Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll reward your team for their hard work this holiday season. I work with corporate clients in a variety of business sectors, and I’m often asked my [...]

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Eliminating Drama at the Office

Drama, especially within the workplace, is something that needs to be handled delicately. If drama is left unchecked, it can, and will escalate. Stress and heavy workloads are the second and third most common contributors to conflict. Drama increases stress [...]

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Thinking Ahead to Q4 for Your Team

It’s the dog days of summer in these weeks before Labor Day. Everyone’s out of the office on family vacation, counting the minutes until the 3-day weekend, soaking up every ray of sun over lunch prior to daylight savings and [...]

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