I’ll Rise Up!

Leading From The Front Some of us are just born to lead from the front. So what does that mean exactly? "Leading from the front" is one of those popular business catch phrases. Maybe you've heard it before in some [...]

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DASHA® is on Zoc Doc!

DASHA "independent client providers" are on ZocDoc! Book your next wellness visit online- It's just that easy! DASHA® "independent client providers", in network, out of network, we've got you covered. Reserve services that are nearby your location. Specialty Doctors that are highly [...]

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Climb to the Top

Getting to the top requires perseverance, resilience, curiosity, self-control and self-discipline. Yes you might feel exhausted and overwhelmed on the way up, but that’s temporary.  Once you arrive at the peak, you start to feel powerful, peaceful, excited and calm. Maybe a burning sensation rises from the top [...]

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Listen Up, HR

Once Memorial Day hits, you and I both know that in the corporate world, the weekends start early. So how do you get your team to be as productive as possible in a shorter amount of time during the week?  Start by providing a healthy working environment. All week long [...]

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Feed Your Mind

You know the old saying, “you are what you eat”? I don’t think that saying only applies to the food you eat, but also to what feeds your soul. So cut the nonsense and start making some healthy choices! Everything in your life is a [...]

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Unclutter Yourself!

Suffering from a little "mental clutter?" Are you on overdrive? No worries, we’ve all been there before. Just when you think you've cleared your head a whole new pile of crap starts to unload.\! So why does our head get so jumbled [...]

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Take More Time for Yourself

We are all living with so much stress in the world and a little spiritual self-care can sure go a long way in getting you through those hard times. Self-care is not a selfish act. The universe needs your bright light and [...]

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