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Gratitude Is an Attitude

Have you found yourself constantly focusing on what you want, rather than appreciating what you have? Try practicing gratitude, it could be a healthy choice for you. At DASHA®, we believe gratitude stimulates happiness and well-being.  Gratitude exercises come in many forms. Start by saying thank you more.  Often, we move [...]

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Moms Role

Your Going to feel CrAzY. It's ok to BE CrAzY . You won't always Feel CrAzY. At some point during motherhood you will feel all of these things. And then when all the CraZiness subsides, you will realize you are actually the"Queen." The kind of queen [...]

By | 2017-12-08T13:23:38-05:00 May 14th, 2017|DASHA® Community, Family, Lifestyle, SHA-NANIGANS®|

Summer is near!

What are you waiting for? We’re officially less than a month away from summer! So what the heck are you waiting for? We all know that the first thing to go right out the window is usually our healthy lifestyle. Once the sun is shining and the temperatures [...]

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