That -three letter word-

Don't decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, Cause that ain't gonna stop it Let’s bring it back to the early 80’s, with a little SALT N PEPA and Dr.Ruth Westheimer. Holy S_  _ _ these woman knew exactly what [...]

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Co-Dependency Stinks

Be aware when someone fills your plate with their problems. Expecting you to fix them,or relying on you to bail them out time after time.  Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. Maybe you recognize this behavior in yourself or [...]

The Little List That Keeps Growing

My Little List  So what does it for you? What makes you feel good when things are not going your way? Try creating a little list of things of things you like and are grateful for. This way when you are bummed out, bored, or  S_ _ [...]

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Goo Goo Gaga for Spring!

Ahh, it’s so refreshing now that Spring Season has arrived!  How about starting off your normal walk or drive to work with an extra boost! Kick off your day with something refreshing! Instead of the same old cup of hot/cold coffee from  Starbucks  try their new Pink [...]

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Get Informed-Stress Kills!

April is Stress Awareness Month! Yes the seasons are changing, the sun is shining but it’s important to recognize the biggest stressors in our lives and take action to control them! The purpose of this post is to help inform people [...]

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Beat Chronic Pain with Minor Changes

Constantly feeling like a part of your body is on fire and you can’t get any relief? You might have a case of chronic pain, along with 100 million Americans today. This level of pain can last anywhere from a [...]

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Improve Your Sleep

It’s been proven that adults need 8 hours of sleep per night, but on average, most American’s get less than seven hours per night. Whether it’s due to stress, distractions, or wandering minds, little sleep can interfere with work, social [...]

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Heart Health

Your Heart Health Matters Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States? Roughly 1.5 million Americans suffer from heart attacks and strokes every year. The most common type of heart disease is [...]

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Healing Effects of Massage Therapy

Act of massage includes rubbing, kneading muscles and joints to help relieve tension or pain. Our muscles may become more flexible, as our joint movements increase. Massages help to stretch the muscles out, and improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients [...]

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The Importance of Stretching

Feeling tense or sore in your muscles? This could be from your latest exercise experience. If you pushed yourself to work harder than usual, or focused on a different group of muscles than usual, it’s normal for you to feel [...]

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