Patience, Confidence, and Sensual Wellness

#TipTuesday-Sensual Wellness I stumbled across an article in “Cosmo” about Sensual Wellness & Erotic Health this month!  Did you know that Sensual Wellness is the key ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle? Plus that your brain is your most erotic organ! The brain produces [...]

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Hustle for healthy snacks

Some days are just too busy for your own good When that happens, stop yourself from running straight to fast food and instead reach into your stash of protein-packed healthy snacks that keep you full and give you the energy to [...]

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Trend Alert: Low-Cal Ice Cream

One of THE biggest trends these days are low calorie ice cream pints that have all sorts of added benefits like protein. With the summer just around the corner, and the warm weather increasing the cravings for cold treats will definitely [...]

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Hangover Cure Myths

If you can honestly say that you’ve never had a hangover before, then just stop reading this now. Start reading more about achieving wellness, and living a healthy lifestyle.This post is for all the men and women out there who have [...]

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Note To Self

"I am grateful that I have found passion and excitement again with my writing. It's helped me to become an even better version of Myself!" I understand I have the right to a personal meltdown (temporarily) as long as I put my best foot forward leave the personal mess [...]

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Are You A Water Addict?

Sparkling Water Addict? Think Again. It seems like every store is stocked with a variety of sparkling water brands and flavors. Over the past few years there’s been a decrease of soda drinkers, but a LG increase in sparking water fans. [...]

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The Power Of Seeds

Adding seeds to your diet is key! Take notice that the power of seeds are starting explode in todays food market. Seeds are known as trendy nutrients that everyone craves. A few types of powerful seeds that can easily be incorporated into your diet are chia, [...]

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