That -three letter word-

Don't decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, Cause that ain't gonna stop it Let’s bring it back to the early 80’s, with a little SALT N PEPA and Dr.Ruth Westheimer. Holy S_  _ _ these woman knew exactly what [...]

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Live Every Moment, Love Everyday Have you ever looked back and said, "I wish I just went for it!" or thought “How in world can I possibly start the next chapter in my life?” Have you ever put down a book in [...]

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From Stilettos to Nikes

I Never New What Life Could Be Like In Sneakers!  I mean when you wakeup everyday and get dressed all you want to do is look your absolute best! So what do you do? You need to wear the best. You [...]

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Goo Goo Gaga for Spring!

Ahh, it’s so refreshing now that Spring Season has arrived!  How about starting off your normal walk or drive to work with an extra boost! Kick off your day with something refreshing! Instead of the same old cup of hot/cold coffee from  Starbucks  try their new Pink [...]

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Are You A Water Addict?

Sparkling Water Addict? Think Again. It seems like every store is stocked with a variety of sparkling water brands and flavors. Over the past few years there’s been a decrease of soda drinkers, but a LG increase in sparking water fans. [...]

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From Zero To Success

Who is that person driving the bus, or flying the plane? Wonder why they were chosen to be in that position? Could it be that no one else had the courage to step up to the plate? Now, years have gone by, new faces, and old [...]


“I’ve always been that girl who was really fit without trying too hard to stay in shape” […]

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You’ve Met Before

Its all about the Connection!  Let me be clear here. This post isn't about the connections in business that we make or maybe for you it is??? It's simply about, you just intuitively feeling that you had met this person somewhere, somehow, [...]

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You’ve got to Trust Your GUT

When in doubt trust your GUT! You've got this feeling that manifests inside you just as a quick as your heartbeat. Yet you are uncertain if what you are feeling is real, surreal, or even downright crazy! Could it be [...]


My friends laugh when I say I own a wellness center and I respond  "But I Am Not Well" ! Who the hell is? I mean I guess its kinda funny until the one day that I decided I wanted to fix it all! [...]

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