Co-Dependency Stinks

Be aware when someone fills your plate with their problems. Expecting you to fix them,or relying on you to bail them out time after time.  Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. Maybe you recognize this behavior in yourself or [...]

Luck is believing you are Lucky

So How Does One Become Lucky? The Right Place, Right people, Right Time Hmm, "You wondering what this week shall bring?" Well whatever's in store for you just embrace it! As a lucky person, you must be prepared for the good. Yet if [...]

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LIFE may throw you some curveballs! But the way I see it, we have a two choices we can make 1. Go for It 2. Take a seat For G-d Sakes It's all about taking control of your own life! [...]

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Reaching inside, deep inside

Sometimes you are so scared to reach deep down inside and you force yourself to stop, just as your about to enter total greatness. Afraid of what you might say or do? Afraid of the changes that might occur if you [...]

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Family Fun Day

It’s 2017, and more than ever, our kids are glued to their devices. Whether that’s their iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or TV, it can be hard to get their attention when they’re preoccupied by the lasted game or movie. These devices [...]

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Things to Do this September in New York City

We’re not sure where August went or where this entire year is going, actually– it seems like just yesterday we were food shopping in preparation for that blizzard we had in January. But here we are, Labor Day upon us, [...]

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Indoor Family Fun on Hot Summer Days

When the heat advisory won’t back down and the kids are still out of school, you’ve got to keep them entertained! Or at least from tearing your house apart or staring at their screens and abusing their thumbs by texting [...]

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DASHA® Donates to Gift Bags for CMEE 8th Annual Family Fair

Gear up for family fun in Bridgehampton! DASHA® is pleased to announce that we are participating in the 8th Annual CMEE Family Fair in Bridgehampton, NY, “CMEE Celebrates Heroes” this Saturday, July 23rd. CMEE says, “From those found in comic books [...]

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DASHA® Picks for Fun Family Outings in the Hamptons

The Hamptons has no shortage of gorgeous beaches, but busy mom, dads, nannies and sitters everywhere know that sometimes kids need a change of activity to keep both them and you sane. Here are our suggestions for those beyond beach [...]

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5 Rainy Day Alternatives for the Kids this Summer

May wasn’t so long ago – remember just how painful the weather was until it finally, FINALLY turned warmer, resembling something like spring with the promise of summer sometime after May 20th? Yeah, we don’t want to think about it [...]

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