From Stilettos to Nikes

I Never New What Life Could Be Like In Sneakers!  I mean when you wakeup everyday and get dressed all you want to do is look your absolute best! So what do you do? You need to wear the best. You [...]

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Leave your EH’ at the door!

Enough is Enough  Leave your EH' at the door! So what does this mean exactly? Don't empty your dirty laundry,  come in complaining about your personal life or walk in with that still face on! Call 911 for Extra Spiritual Self-Care We are all living with so much [...]

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From Zero To Success

Who is that person driving the bus, or flying the plane? Wonder why they were chosen to be in that position? Could it be that no one else had the courage to step up to the plate? Now, years have gone by, new faces, and old [...]

A little insight on Millennials!

The 411 on Millennials (1980's - 2000) I completely agree that they have great qualities and lot's to offer. These are the souls we call Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, or something else. They believe that they are special and unique. They have been [...]

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Finding Balance In Your Work Space

Work Relationships = Engaged Work Culture We spend majority of our day at work. In fact the average workday consists of 8 hours, plus the reality is the workweek extends beyond the standard 40 hours. Another words work culture impacts our overall well-being [...]

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Achieve health balance work and life

The phrase “work life balance” is one that we’ve probably heard a lot about, but something that we don’t work hard enough for. No matter what career or hours you work, there’s always the burn out moment that happens after [...]

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Refresh Your Snack Drawer & Habits!

No matter where you work, or what you do – we all have a spot filled with treats and goodies for when we hit the midmorning and afternoon slump. We get to this point of the workday for a few [...]

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DASHA® Brings Customized Health Events to Major NYC Corporations

DASHA® has been keeping busy this fall, bringing customized health and corporate wellness events to major corporations in New York City, including Hugo Boss, Kroll, Ketchum, Linklaters, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, ING and more. Treat your team to the [...]

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Using Your Team to Grow Your Social Media Numbers

Millenials are the wave of the future, the people who will be running our companies and making the big decisions. They’re also the generation that don’t remember video cassettes, tape players, typewriters, rolodexes, or life without cell phones. When it [...]

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Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

If you took the temperature of the people in your office, what would it be, figuratively speaking? Would the temperature read come back with “happy,” “upbeat,” or “positive”? Or would it yield something less desirable such as “low energy,” “poor [...]

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