Climb to the top

Why wouldn't you? I sometimes wonder WHY? Why someone would never want to climb to the TOP? To get to the top one must hold specific character strengths Perseverance Resilience Curiosity Application Self-control Self-discipline When you get to the top of something [...]

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Listen Up HR

"I Just Call It Like I See It!" As the Summer comes crashing in be prepared for some Friday playtime. You and I both know that the week ends a bit early in the Corporate World once Memorial Weekend passes. So [...]

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Choose Wisely

You know that old saying, "You Are What You Eat?" I don't think that saying only apply's to the food you eat but also to what feeds your soul. So cut the nonsense and start making some healthy choices! Everything in your [...]

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Unclutter Yourself!

Suffering from a little "mental clutter?" Are you on overdrive? No worries, we’ve all been there before. Just when you think you've cleared your head a whole new pile of crap starts to unload.\! So why does our head get so jumbled [...]

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A little insight on Millennials!

The 411 on Millennials (1980's - 2000) I completely agree that they have great qualities and lot's to offer. These are the souls we call Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, or something else. They believe that they are special and unique. They have been [...]

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Finding Balance In Your Work Space

Work Relationships = Engaged Work Culture We spend majority of our day at work. In fact the average workday consists of 8 hours, plus the reality is the workweek extends beyond the standard 40 hours. Another words work culture impacts our overall well-being [...]

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