Moms Role

Your Going to feel CrAzY. It's ok to BE CrAzY . You won't always Feel CrAzY. At some point during motherhood you will feel all of these things. And then when all the CraZiness subsides, you will realize you are actually the"Queen." The kind of queen [...]

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Summer is near!

What are you waiting for? We’re officially less than a month away from summer! So what the heck are you waiting for? We all know that the first thing to go right out the window is usually our healthy lifestyle. Once the sun is shining and the temperatures [...]

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Trend Alert: Low-Cal Ice Cream

One of THE biggest trends these days are low calorie ice cream pints that have all sorts of added benefits like protein. With the summer just around the corner, and the warm weather increasing the cravings for cold treats will definitely [...]

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Goo Goo Gaga for Spring!

Ahh, it’s so refreshing now that Spring Season has arrived!  How about starting off your normal walk or drive to work with an extra boost! Kick off your day with something refreshing! Instead of the same old cup of hot/cold coffee from  Starbucks  try their new Pink [...]

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A little insight on Millennials!

The 411 on Millennials (1980's - 2000) I completely agree that they have great qualities and lot's to offer. These are the souls we call Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, or something else. They believe that they are special and unique. They have been [...]

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Spring Clean For a Cause!

There comes a time in the year where it putting clothing away seems like a chore. Nothing fits where it’s supposed to, drawers won’t shut, and your favorite winter sweater is lost in the mix. Instead of ignoring the problem [...]

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