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The Camp my kids go has undergone a complete facelift!

As a former Alumni I def can relate to the Visiting Day Kaos. Heres how it gos, my kids have sat me down already and gave me a schedule. They are are in the same camp so its really important they get the same amt of time , and the same amount of stuff and trust me they count and compare.

PONTIAC is truly a second home for my kids, a lux lifestyle for 7 weeks away from their parents, hanging with friends and just being in a kid. Parents—all while we are home working hard to pay the tuition and trying just to break out early on Fridays!

None the less, kids are kids and when it comes to visiting day! It’s all over the top! Starting with the early drive rushing from NYC or LI to get upstate all for just a few hrs. Parents pack a small bag of clothes for themselves and sit in a car filled with thousands of unnecessary calories, toys that are stuffedin every which way. Plus for whatever reason you buy a few of each item in red, green, blue, or black , balls that light up, stickers that cost $10 each, a new Bape or Jordan hat and a lot of other things your kids never even asked you for.

But of course you had to get the “The Best Of The Best” because that’s you and then you arrive to your destination. Im in the category of the “pizza bagels” and the familys to the left are wearing matching shirts like they are doing a charity walk and to the right are something else!

Similar in the fact that we ALL have shopping carts filled to the brim and they are overloaded with the new KD sneakers or Jordan’s Headphones, Chairs, Prom Outfits, and Plenty of singles!!!

Lets not forget the Farinella , cases of water which are not permitted ,pizza slices,tates cookies and baskets of sugary filled candies which taste like plastic and must be eaten in 24hrs or it’s out!

You dump your stuff on the grass somewhere and run as fast as possible to see your kids and the first thing they ask for is “Something you didn’t bring!” Of course this is the case. So for the 31/2 weeks of shopping and all the hiding you had to do to get it in the car this is your reward!

But funny visiting day really is an Over-the-top experience. A day filled with moments that remind me of “The Mick” or “Modern Family”. I’ve seen some comically based situations like last summer one of the dads just let it rip! I mean this is the kids home not ours!
Let’s be for real here. From the Parental guardians to the estranged wealthy ex the “White Collared” that have been arrested for fraud, and of course the same-sex, and and lets not leave out the man that remarried a girl 10 years older than his daughter he’s visiting.

All in all id say its usually a success and I’ve come to realize whatever we get them they will always want more because they are just kids!

(Coop & Summers Mom)

Shannon Russo Pollack

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