SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 16

///SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 16

SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 16

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Date: April 5th, 2018

Mental Status: #ready#under2hrsbaby #fundraiser

Training Download 30 min run, calisthenics

Today’s Sha-nan-igans Packing it up is never fun especially when you are leaving 80 degrees in the Caribbean. I knew that in just a few hrs, I would be right back to 30 degree weather wearing long pants and a sweater.
Nothing ever goes 100% when traveling with kids. As we got through customs my little girl turned and said Mommy where is “Bunny?”  Now, Bunny has been my daughters (woobie) since she was born. She is a 5 inch stuffed bunny with floppy ears and barely any stuffing left inside. But, somehow she takes precedence over just about everything. We have birthdays for her, clothes for her and she even has her own little bed.
Luckily, I had the GM’s number in my cell and contacted him directly to ask to please check around my suite for “Bunny”. Within 15 minutes he responded with “I found her!” Boy oh’ boy, I lucked out here! Thank goodness because somehow I would have been blamed for leaving her behind if we didn’t find her (It’s par for the course of being a parent). The good news is that Bunny was getting Fedex back to NY in just a few days. The bad news is… shortly after, my daughter lost her cell phone just as we were boarding the Jet Blue flight. Well, this one wasn’t found but… I still made out like a hero because her precious Bunny was coming back home.
 Question Do you travel with your children’s woobie on vacation?

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