Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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It’s October, which means all of our favorite rustic colors start to surround us. But, one color that seems to stand out amongst the overflow or orange and burgundy is actually pink. Yup, a Pink Ribbon Bow to be exact. So if you didn’t know, (which i’m sure you already did) October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This time of year happens to be very sentimental for many who may have lost a loved one, or are battling this horrible disease themselves. But remember, no one and we repeat no one needs to go through the battle alone! That is why at DASHA® we offer an array of services that help you cope with your own personal struggle with the disease or that of a loved one

Here are a few of the services you can find at DASHA®

Luxury Treatments – Who ever said to not “treat yourself”? We sure didn’t at DASHA®. In fact, we believe in the complete opposite! At DASHA® we encourage our client’s in achieving beauty and health inwardly as well as outwardly, which is why we offer Luxury Treatment Services, because the best way to cure feeling down about yourself or something is to treat yourself to a little TLC. It sure will boost your mood and make you forget about what was even dragging you down, even if just for a little bit.

Yoga – The practice of Yoga has been around for generations. At DASHA® we offer private and personalized Yoga sessions to help you clear your mind and relax your body. One of DASHA® “independent client providers” will help educate you on the basic breathing exercises and guide you in understanding the healthy benefits of yoga.

Acupuncture – Sometimes stress causes you to become a night owl. Your mind starts racing and an inflow of thoughts comes rushing in conveniently just as your head hits the pillow. Here at DASHA® we understand the side effects stress causes on you, and that is why we offer Acupuncture Services performed by DASHA® “individual client providers” who are licensed acupuncture practitioners.

To book your next mental health escape at DASHA® click here. We can’t wait to see you soon!

About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.