Good or Bad for you

Another addiction Kick the coffee, on to the gum? It's easy to get addicted to gum, especially when you’re someone who hates having lingering tastes in your mouth. Popping a piece in your mouth after your morning coffee, lunch and [...]

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Hustle for healthy snacks

Some days are just too busy for your own good When that happens, stop yourself from running straight to fast food and instead reach into your stash of protein-packed healthy snacks that keep you full and give you the energy to [...]

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Studio Spotlight: Y7 Yoga

Y7 , We like it What makes Y7 different from the standard yoga studio experience? Known for it’s hip-hop music, heated rooms, and 60 minute classes, that's what started the buzz in the Urban Cities. People want to hear good music [...]

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SPF Safety and Sunshine

The Sunshine feeds my Soul Look I've said it a million times, "The Sun feeds my SOUL!" Remember though, everything in moderation. Times are different today, we are smarter, and much more educated on the damage the sun can do to our bodies and [...]

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It’s An Addiction

Once you see the results, you will be addicted Running what an Addiction! Also known as the "Happy Fitness Drug." Thank goodness you can't overdose with this type of healthy habit. All it takes is a modification in behavior and courage and you can [...]

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