Stuck Mode, Feeling Stagnant, Unsatisfied.

You find all sorts of excuses as to why your still glued to the ground. Some of reason’s might make sense to you now, but ultimately your happiness must come first. Some days, you talk this BIG talk, telling others [...]

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Have you ever had of those days?

You know the one I'm talking about. The kind of day where you wish you kept your head under the covers, blinds closed, and put the cell on vibrate. Unfortunately not everyday is going to be a great day! Somedays [...]

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Hangover Cure Myths

If you can honestly say that you’ve never had a hangover before, then just stop reading this now. This post is for all the men and women out there who have woken up on a Saturday or Sunday morning feeling [...]

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That -three letter word-

Don't decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, Cause that ain't gonna stop it Let’s bring it back to the early 80’s, with a little SALT N PEPA and Dr.Ruth Westheimer. Holy S_  _ _ these woman knew exactly what [...]

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Co-Dependency Stinks

Be aware when someone fills your plate with their problems. Expecting you to fix them,or relying on you to bail them out time after time.  Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. Maybe you recognize this behavior in yourself or [...]


Live Every Moment, Love Everyday Have you ever looked back and said, "I wish I just went for it!" or thought “How in world can I possibly start the next chapter in my life?” Have you ever put down a book in [...]

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Note To Self

"I am grateful that I have found passion and excitement again with my writing. It's helped me to become an even better version of Myself!" I understand I have the right to a personal meltdown (temporarily) as long as I put my best foot forward leave the personal mess [...]

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From Stilettos to Nikes

I Never New What Life Could Be Like In Sneakers!  I mean when you wakeup everyday and get dressed all you want to do is look your absolute best! So what do you do? You need to wear the best. You [...]

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Luck is believing you are Lucky

So How Does One Become Lucky? The Right Place, Right people, Right Time Hmm, "You wondering what this week shall bring?" Well whatever's in store for you just embrace it! As a lucky person, you must be prepared for the good. Yet if [...]

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Leave your EH’ at the door!

Enough is Enough  Leave your EH' at the door! So what does this mean exactly? Don't empty your dirty laundry,  come in complaining about your personal life or walk in with that still face on! Call 911 for Extra Spiritual Self-Care We are all living with so much [...]

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