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    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    ROCK A PINK Auricular Therapy Session

    October 8th, 2019|Acupuncture, Charity, Holistic, Wellness|

    It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month & both DASHA® gals and guys are ROCKIN the PINK Swarovski Crystal (Auricular Therapy Session) to help raise money for Breast Cancer Making Strides @AmericanCancerSociety! Bring a coworker, a friend or [...]

    • Teens Playing Scrimmage on the Football field, Randals Island

    Talk To Your Teens About Stretching And Ergonomics

    September 21st, 2019|Chiropractic, DASHA® Articles, DASHA® Community, Medical|

    The number one thing DASHA® Chiropractic and Physical Therapy team all agree on is teaching teenagers about the proper conditioning and postural ergonomics. So what can you do to help your athlete out? Talk to them about [...]

    • Knee Injury,

    Proper Form, Knee Injuries And Homework?

    September 10th, 2019|DASHA® Articles, Medical, Physical Therapy, Wellness|

    Knee injuries are quite popular since it affects people of all ages. As a result, people who exercise incorrectly or existing knee injury may experience chronic knee pain. One of the biggest complaints we hear [...]

    • Corporate Lunch

    Eating Healthier Corporate Lunches

    September 5th, 2019|Corporate, Lifestyle|

    DASHA® is no stranger in the Corporate Wellness Industry. Since 2009, DASHA® has been providing hundreds of corporations throughout the tristate area with Health and Wellness events. Have you ever looked around your office to [...]

    • Taking a sunset bikeride

    Keep Up Your Healthy Mindset And Summer Body

    August 30th, 2019|Fitness, Healthy Nutrition, Lifestyle, Wellness|

    Labor Day weekend has officially started, and that means you have one more time to wear your favorite white jeans, flowery sundresses and crisp linen shirts. Let’s face it: the “last” barbecue of the summer [...]

    • Back To School lunch

    Back To School Is Creeping Up!

    August 28th, 2019|DASHA® Community, Family, Healthy Nutrition, Parenting|

    We may still be in the dog days of summer, but we all know what’s creeping up right around the corner: back to school. Packing healthy lunches, penciling in family time, coordinating all the after [...]

    • DASHA® Founder Shannon Russo-Pollack Daughter Summer Pollack Women's Equality Day, strong woman

    Fighting To Make A Difference- Women’s Equality

    August 26th, 2019|DASHA® Community, Family, Initiatives, Parenting, SHA-NANIGANS®|

    I know who I am! I am the founder of DASHA®, mother of two, wife and friend. I am fast. I am savvy. I am smart. I am a leader. I am a boss.  And I can do [...]

    • Be Mindful of your back and neck when running on the beach

    Be Mindful Of Your Body!

    August 23rd, 2019|Chiropractic, Lifestyle|

    Every summer, thousands of New Yorkers suffer from some back injury that puts them on bed rest for an extended period of time. If this weekend involves a few of your favorite outdoor summer activities [...]

    It’s Time To MOVE! 

    August 16th, 2019|Corporate, Fitness, Initiatives|

    Do you ever get the feeling where you just can't stop fidgeting at your desk? Your legs feel as though they constantly tight and then suddenly you get a sharp headache! Imagine this happening in [...]

    Relax…Your Mind, Body & Soul

    August 15th, 2019|Holistic, Lifestyle, Massage, Wellness|

    Thank goodness for #National Relaxation Day – Finally a holiday that speaks the language of DASHA®. There’s no right (or wrong) way to relax. Every “body” reacts differently to their surroundings, and YES we're talking [...]

    • Ditch The Sugar

    Ditch the Sweets!

    August 10th, 2019|Healthy Nutrition, Lifestyle|

    It's a fact: sugar is addicting. Yet we still continue to consume it in excess amounts? Frequently, sugar is hidden in a bunch of the foods we eat. Go out to that local Italian [...]

    • Back pain really hurts!

    Back Pain Can Be A Royal Pain In The ___!

    August 7th, 2019|Chiropractic, Corporate, DASHA® Articles, Lifestyle, Medical, Wellness|

    We are not surprised that the statistics are climbing when it comes to the enormous amount of people suffering from spinal pain. At DASHA® the chiropractors are well versed when it comes to treating conditions [...]

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