Beat Chronic Pain with Minor Changes

//Beat Chronic Pain with Minor Changes

Beat Chronic Pain with Minor Changes

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Constantly feeling like a part of your body is on fire and you can’t get any relief?

You might have a case of chronic pain, along with 100 million Americans today. This level of pain can last anywhere from a day, to a few weeks and in some cases, up to a year. Majority of American’s are feeling this pain in areas where they are carrying their stress, the neck, shoulders and back. A lot of the time, this pain goes unsolved, using Advil or Tylenol as the only remedy. It’s important to pay attention to the messages that your body is telling you, especially with chronic pain, as it can lead to depression.

There’s a variety of daily habits that you can change to help keep you happy and on a road to healing the pain.

Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. There are certain types of foods that can help with keeping bones strong and fighting inflammation. Foods like olive oil, fish and soy contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep inflammation down.

Keep moving. You’ll never regret pushing yourself to workout or exercise. Even if you don’t make it that far, getting out of bed and getting outside is the first part.

Try mediating. Taking a few minutes per day to rest not only your body, but your mind, can help take the focus off of the pain, and ground you into yourself.

Treat yourself
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