5 Ways to Motivate Millenials to Go the Extra Mile

///5 Ways to Motivate Millenials to Go the Extra Mile

5 Ways to Motivate Millenials to Go the Extra Mile

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Gone are the days when those recent college grads or early twentysomethings you hired for entry level positions in your company were simply willing to put in their time, do that entry level grunt work, learn the ropes and prove themselves little by little, project by project in order to advance their careers and climb the corporate ladder.

These days, the 80 million millennials in America want more. They’re out of the gate fresh from their college experiences and seeking a workplace environment where they can have impact and influence, where they can know and see that what they do matters. How can you nurture this desire and use it in a way to help your business and keep them interested and contributing for a solid two years (more if you’re lucky!)?

Like it or not, millennials will eventually run the world. Isn’t it our job, as mentors, elders and employers to train them and grow them into capable men and women who can accept the leadership and responsibility involved with running the world in the not so distant future?

Here are some techniques for motivating the millennials on your team:

A little bit of personalized time goes a long way. Millenials like feedback, and often. As the boss, carve out time to give this to them several times a month. It doesn’t have to be a long lunch meeting — 15 minutes face to face should do the trick, or if you travel a lot or are pressed for time, put it in your calendar to send a regular detailed email. Always focus first on what they’re doing well or doing right, and then where you’d like to see them go.

Assign a special project. Millenials want to have influence, but it takes time to get to know a company, their products or services, and a company culture. Come up with an assignment up front for them to work on, either in a team or as a solo project. It should be something with a deadline several months away and something that will be of interest. This project can also be something you discuss briefly with updates in feedback sessions. This project will allow your employee to feel like he or she is contributing in a valuable way and encourage him or her to go above and beyond expectations. It may also bring a refreshing perspective to your own work.

If and when your company is lacking on a social media presence in any way, engage millennials to help. Millenials don’t remember cassette tapes or typewriters – they have lived their entire lives in the digital age. If you can, use their technology addiction to help build your business.

Get creative with your job titles. Millenials are eager to advance; an innovative job title keeps their interest.

Be flexible. Are you able to be flexible with your hours or vacation policy? Millenials will work harder and longer and from anywhere, anyplace, if you’re able to bend on the parameters governing their work day.

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