That 4 Letter Word!

///That 4 Letter Word!
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That 4 Letter Word!

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Could this be love?

So you meet this guy and you think it’s ♥ at first site! You get all jittery, your emotions are going Bazerk, and your floating on air!  You swear you never had this feeling before. You finally get the chance to talk and now that feeling becomes even more intense. The talking leads to an unbelievable friendship, the friendship leads to romance and dating, the dating leads to commitment and love. Before you know it, a few years pass by and you go from being a couple to being “Wed!”

People ask questions all the time. How do you find love? How do you know if Mr. Right is actually the one? Well some say “I just felt it!” other’s say “It was like no other feeling I’ve ever had before.”

Here’s My Take 

Do you look for ♥ in all wrong places? Like the grocery store in aisle 7! I’m a true Gemini, so for me timing is everything and when conversation is on my mind it needs to happen. So here’s the deal, being in the right place at the right time only happens when you move in the direction towards the next opportunity.

Here’s what you need to know. Make no excuse about the people you choose to date. Your choice, your situation. But please, please for your own safety this person should definitely have their s_ _ _ in order! All bets are off if they can’t handle their unfinished relationship(s) first, before pursuing a new one. Plus, they must be emotionally and legally available to move forward into a healthy relationship with you! Why torture yourself or anyone else?

Consider This 

Think 2wice if you are dating someone that is disrespectful or harsh towards you!  Your partner should want to help solve your problems, take your pain and fear away. Clearly if you are sharing it with that person then you want them to listen and offer advice (stop the eye rolling and ignoring nonsense).

Make time for each other.  We live in a world of intense scheduling. Whether you have an assistant, or an I-phone you can get a date on the calendar to make a plan to connect.

Integrity, do what you say you will do! No mixed signals and no excuses, because eventually the other person will stop believing you.

Get to know that person inside & out! No need to rush the relationship, have some fun and travel, no sex on the first date, build on the foundation of friendship, interact with their family and friends, listen to their stories

Be Transparent and Upfront! Always show your true character, who you are and your intentions. It might not be what they want to hear at the time but when it is the right timing they will remember just how genuine you are.


You deserve to be loved the right way, for all the right reasons.

About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.