Featured Charity:
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) is dedicated to funding scientific research that leads to more effective identification, treatment and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer, the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women.
DASHA has donated to the goodie bags for the Super Saturday garage sale event in the Hamptons, hosted by Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan, where all proceeds benefit the OCRF. 
87% of every dollar raised supports OCRF programs.  DASHA believe that giving back not only feels good, but also promotes good health, from the inside out.


From the Founders:
Dr. Darren & Shannon Pollack

The DASHA way of life centers around a 360° approach to wellness. We invite you to experience how DASHA can Enhance your well-being®.  We have created an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and supported to get healthy— an environment that fosters acceptance and encourages commitment to a path and belief in oneself.  Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting your health journey, DASHA is the right partner for you.  

This transformative process is grounded in our commitment to our clients and our confidence in the DASHA way of life.  Contact us to learn more.